About Monarch Summit 2020

Summit Overview

The First World Monarchs Summit in September 2020 will bring together the world’s reigning sovereign, constitutional and hereditary monarchs including Kings, Queens, Emirs, Emperors, Grand Dukes, Princes and Sultans. In the Summit, various Monarchs will be engaging each other and the wider Strategic Stakeholders to share experiences and support initiatives geared towards inclusive world development.



  • The Summit will be convened under the theme: “Monarchs for Sustainable Peace and Inclusive Development” and will be a unique strategic forum for the world monarchs to discuss and work together on international cooperation and development.
  • The Summit is expected to be attended at the highest level. Sovereign and Reigning Monarchs will be in attendance. A Crown Prince or Princess will represent Sovereign and Reigning Monarchs who will not be able to participate in the Summit in person.
  • The Monarch will be the Head of the delegation that will include his or her royal family, government officials, cultural and traditional entities, corporate leaders as well all other interest groups not limited to women and youth among others.
Karambi Tombs
Queen Elizabeth N.P
Lake Albert


Additionally, the Summit delegates are expected to tour Uganda’s best tourism, cultural and investment destinations to make the World Monarchs Summit 2020, memorable experience for delegates.

The 1st world Monarchs Summit 2020

The goal of the 1st world Monarchs summit 2020
  • The goal of the 1st World Monarchs Summit 2020 is to build consensus and collective response by the world’s Monarchs to contribute to and influence sustainable peace and inclusive development.
Objectives of the 1st world monarchs summit 2020
  • To engage the World Monarchs in discussing and working together towards achieving sustainable and inclusive world development.
  • To establish a cooperation and coordination framework through which the World Monarchs will work to contribute to sustainable peace and inclusive world development.
  • To enhance cooperation, unity and solidarity between World Monarchs and their Monarchies.
  • To enhance socio-economic and cultural integration of the people in the various monarchies across the world.
Outcomes of the World Monarchs Summit 2020
  • Increased interaction among the World Monarchs geared towards supporting sustainable peace and inclusive world development.
  • Establishment of a long-term framework of cooperation and its coordination mechanism to support the Monarchs efforts towards sustainable peace and inclusive world development.
  • Increased integration and cultural exchanges of the people across the various Monarchies.